To Start My Own Business?

Article by R K. Eashvara Pillai – Vedic Astrologer - www.



There are lots of ups and downs across the globe; the idea of starting a new business may scare the wits of anyone. Quite unexpectedly, we are around the globe and we prefer a steady job and steer clear of that scary endeavor of gambling. But every individual who harbors a dream to become an entrepreneur is faced with a barrage of perplexing questions. And the most significant is – when is the best time to start a business. So if you have decided to launch a new business venture and mulling over the best time to do so, Vedic business astrology can help you to shape your creative idea in the right time and in the right direction. In this article, you’ll get a detailed description about the astrological combinations for a successful business.

Financial fluctuation is not a new phenomenon for businesses. Numerous ventures begin with their journeys & face premature closures. A generic norm suggests that civilized society gives the utmost importance to a steady income. No one will ever anticipate losing their hard-earned money during any uncertain adversities against their business. Well, this situation can be avoided to a large extent. A little caution & some measured steps can indeed help. Whenever one feels uncertain in life; astrology can be a savior. We may or may not be able to control factors affecting our business completely. However, one can surely start a venture under the best possible astrological conditions to seek blessings from the planets & support from stars.

Many People would be interested in doing business or at least would have thought about doing business. Working for a company is much different from doing a business based on astrology. When you do business, you are taking a big risk but the reward will also be very big. There is no upper limit on profit for business. You are not bound to certain income level.

Key Factors for Consideration before starting a new venture:

Whether you can do business or not? Can it be found using Business Astrology? Yes, it is very much possible to find it through Vedic Astrology.

These are some of the essential pointers which one needs to keep under consideration to get optimum result from their business & venture:

Auspicious Day

The very first step one needs to take is to select an appropriate day. As such all the days are auspicious, but Wednesdays & Saturdays have special importance. It is known that any venture started on these days has a longer life span. Hence, first and foremost select a good day of the week & match the day with the planetary position using astrological details.

Another important aspect is to see that the Sun is strong that particular day. At the point of time when Sun is in the sidereal sign from Aries from 14th April till 14th May, this time is very much appropriate. One should consider starting a new business during this time. A certain period during the year is always considered inauspicious. People must avoid these periods to start any new business or venture. Two such identified periods are 18th October till 17th November & 14th January till 13th February. These periods are unfavorable for starting a new venture.

The first thing is to choose a right day and week to launch your new business. Though all days are auspicious, but Wednesday and Saturday have special significance as ventures launched on this day are long lasting. The second important thing is to make sure that Sun is strong. When the Sun is in the sidereal sign of Aries from 14th April to 14th May it is considered the best time to start a business.

The day when Sun changes its sign are inauspicious and is not good to start a business. The period between 18th October and 17th November and 14th January and 13th February are considered inauspicious. So it is better to avoid a new venture during this period.

Make sure, your Saturn is strong in your horoscope chart because this is the only planet which blesses a person with happy fortune and success. If Saturn is exalted in your horoscope, it can give you better luck and growth in life. Choose a day when the Moon is strong in a chart. New moon day is considered to be an inauspicious day and the full moon day is considered to be the most favorable for any business.

Imperative of Houses

It is known that Jupiter is a planet which gives great fortune & good luck for any business venture. This planet is associated with growth & expansion. Specifically, if Jupiter is placed in 1st, 5th or 9th house in the birth-chart, it gives good result to the native when it comes to starting a new venture.

On more critical aspect is checking the strength of your Mercury. Mercury is a planet, which governs trade, commerce, and business in particular. The transition of Mercury has a very significant impact on starting a new venture. When Mercury is present in its sign, Gemini and Virgo make the most favorable and auspicious circumstances.

The planet of growth and expansion, Jupiter gives great fortune and good luck for any business, especially if it is in the 1st, 5th or 9th house and it aspects the ascendant lord in the horoscope chart.

Other Weighty Factors:

Any day when Sun is in transit & change its sign are considered inauspicious days. One should refrain from starting a new business venture on such days to avoid a negative impact. Effect of Sun is quite significant on any aspect of our life.

Try to find out which dasha your business will be launched in. Check Dasha because it gives a fairly accurate idea of when to start a new business. Make sure your Mercury is strong because Mercury governs the trade, commerce and business. The transition of Mercury in its own sign – Gemini and Virgo, makes it the most favorable time for the business and to start a new venture.

Also, one has to make sure that Saturn is strong in his/her horoscope chart. This is important because this is one such planet whose blessing grants happy fortune & success to the native. If Saturn is in your birth chart, it will surely give better luck and growth to a person in life. Another remarkable aspect is the position of the Moon. Preferably select a day when Moon is strong in a chart. New moon day is an inauspicious day as per astrology. On the other hand, the full moon day is the most favorable day to initiate any new venture or business.

By understanding the Dasha in your horoscope, you can determine the positivity of your stars. In case the stars are in a favorable position, one should instantly start with a venture or a business. The natal chart of the person indicates whether a person is successful in doing business or not. It can be found using 10th house, 11th house and 6th house. The effects of Bhadaka, Karaka and Maraka needs to be taken into consideration. When to start the business depends on current maha dasa and strength of ruling planets.

Saturn is very important planet for getting success in business. If you want to book windfall profits on your business Saturn should be present at your 11th house, 6th house or 3rd house as ruling planets. Otherwise you should be running a raja yoga maha dasa which is capable of giving you success by ignoring the position of the ruling planets.

What if Maraka or Bhadaka is present in your 11th house or 10th house or aspecting these houses? Then you would not be successful in doing business and you will experience huge losses when you get into business. The position of 6th house and 6th lord is also very important because it will give your ability to succeed on your business in competition. If you a weak 6th house, then you will develop hidden enemies and your business will get closed for unknown reason.

If you are interested in doing business, it’s great! But make sure your chart supports. Otherwise you can give your strategic ideas into business as an employee. If you spouse is having good time, then you can do business on spouse name and provide your contribution to the business as employee. If both are not having good natal chart support for business, then it is better to avoid doing business.


The most important & reliable way is to consult a knowledgeable astrologer to determine the appropriate day when you intend to start a new venture. In addition to the pointers mentioned above, an astrologer will also take in to account your horoscope. This will give you the exact time and date to start a new business or venture. It is important to consult an astrologer and get a business astrology reading on the basis of your horoscope or Partners horoscope or Directors horoscope to find if everything is suitable for the business.

Remember, it is not just a base line market research and a skilled team for a business but also Vedic Astrology that can help you to make your business dream to a new life. Start your business, be a successful entrepreneur and quit your job!