Lucky Colours & How To Know Them

R.K. Eashvar Pillai

I will now proceed to explain how the vibrations of colours and numbers go together, an explanation which, I think my clients and members of will find of the utmost use in many ways.

As the main number of our Birth Sign gives the principal note of characteristic of our lives, we can further aid our knowledge by employing with it the main note of colour with which each number is identified.

I want it clearly to be understood that in these articles I am dealing more with the material side of existence than with the spiritual, and consequently I am not treating such sides of the question as the astral number or the astral colour. I consider such points too complicated for any but advanced students of occult subjects. Further, the matter contained in this article is intended for the larger proportion of the people, who are more concerned with their material welfare and their success on the earth’s plane. I believe that, by demonstrating that there is a side to occultism which is helpful in the material way, a wider and larger circle of people may be induced to see that there is something of immense practical purpose in such studies, and once this point is grasped they will proceed to examine further all such questions for themselves.

True Vibrations:

No matter how beautiful a piano, harp, or other musical instrument may be to look at, if the vibration of its strings is not in accordance with its proper scale, the instrument will be considered out of tune and useless for all practical purposes. It is the same with human beings; if their vibrations are not true in the harp of life, their thoughts and actions will cause discords and the unseen force of Nature prefers to leave them silent, or inactive, rather than have in harmony in the great scheme of harmony, which it has always been and ever will be Nature’s purpose to attain.

As time is of so little importance to Nature, it follows that she does not worry about such infinitesimal things as human lives, with their odd threescore years and ten of sorrow or happiness. But to the human being his span of life is of the greatest importance; it is thus compulsory for us to learn Nature’s secrets as quickly and as early as possible, so that we may fit in with her plan instead of demanding that Nature take that trouble for us, which I find so many people expect. Without going further into this question, I will now proceed to show what are the principal colours associated with each birth numbers and month of birth.

How To Use Colours:

Although the earth would look far brighter if we were to dress in our true colours in ordinary life, as do the flowers of the earth, yet, as I cannot expect to effect this drastic change all at once in our conventional appearance, I must content myself with hoping that my members may commence to make the changes I suggest in some slight form, or at least in those working rooms or living place where they evolve their plans, write their letters or see their friends. If they do even this I honestly believe they will see quickly the advantage they will gain in their material success and also in their own personal happiness.

Colours of The Number 1:

Persons born under the sign of the number 1, such as on the 1, 10, 19, or 28th of any month, have for their main number, their main colours are all shades from the palest yellow to deep orange or golden hues, which are all shades from the palest green to the darkest, also creams and whites. All purples, blues, crimsons, and rose colours are favorable to them, but they are not what are called the main colours, and should only be used as accessories. The number 1 people should have as much as possible of the main colours around them, at least in their rooms or living place and in their dress, and they should also wear topaz or amber as much as possible in their jewelery.

Colours of The Number 2:

The persons who have this number for their Birth Number are all those who are born on the 2, 11, 20, or 29th of any month, but his number and colour are of still more importance if they are born in this number 2.

Their main colours are all shades from the palest green to the darkest creams and whites, rose and pink tints and pale blues are also favorable to them, but only as accessory colours, and the number 2 people should endeavour to wear and use all the lighter shades and avoid deep tones of colour as much as possible. The stones favorable for them to wear are pearls, cat’s eyes, and moon stones.

Colours of The Number 3:

The persons who have this number for their Birth Number are all those born on the 3, 12, 21, or 30th of any month, their main colours are all shades of mauve, violet, and purple, which they should have around them in their rooms or with them as much as possible, and they should also wear some jewel containing as amethyst, on account of its colour vibrations. All shades of blue, crimson, or rose and yellow are favorable for them, but only as accessories.

Colours of The Number 4:

The persons who have this number for their Birth Number are all those who are born on the 4, 13, 22, or 31st of any month, their main colours are all shades of grey and fawn, and electric shades and the minor tints of yellow and green. They would also find the sapphire the most favorable stone to wear, on account of its colour vibrations.

Colours of The Number 5:

The persons who have this number for their Birth Number are all those who are born on the 5, 14, or 23rd of any month, their main or principal colours are all shades of silver grey, glistening white, or silvered, glittering materials, and as accessory colours the pale or light shades of all colours.

These people are far more magnetic if they do not wear or surround themselves with major colours or dark shades. They should also wear some jewel or ornament made of platinum or silver and diamonds, if possible.

Colours of The Number 6:

The persons who have this number for their Birth Number are all those who are born on the 6, 15, or 24th of any month, their main colours are all shades of blue, from the lightest to the darkest. They have more accessory colours than any other class, and their range runs through all colours, except black and dark purple. The turquoise and emeralds are the most favorable stones for these persons to wear, on account of their colour vibrations.

Colours of The Number 7:

The persons who have this number for their Birth Number are all those who are born on the 7, 16, or 25th of any month, their main colours are exactly similar to those given to people born under the number 2, which I described a little earlier, with this difference – that, as they are more positive in character than the number 2 people, so can they also wear stronger or more positive colours, but all shades of green and yellow remain their foundation or principal colours.

The jewels most personal and most favorable to them are moon stones, all white stones, and cat’s eyes, but these people should remember to avoid deep or dark colours, both in stones and materials.

Colours of The Number 8:

The persons who have this number for their Birth Number are all those who are born on the 8, 17, or 26th of any month, but especially if they happen also to be born in what is called the “house of the 8”, these people, with their invariable strong personality, should be exceptionally careful of their surroundings and of their colours. These seem “out of place” and irritable when surrounded by light, bright, or garish tones, and they easily become silent, moody, and despondent under such circumstances.

As they are at hear grave, serious, and solid people, they should remember that all grave and serious colours are theirs by right of birth. Even children born under the influence of this number, especially if they are also born in the House of the 8, seem strangely “ out of the picture” if dressed in light, garish colours – and as they grow up this becomes more and more accentuated. On the contrary, all dark shades suit them and seem in harmony with their personality and with their”atmosphere”. They would be especially fortunate in all tones of dark greys, blues, browns, russet shades, and so forth.

For example, take some man belonging to this number, dress him in light clothes and he will immediately look like a baker out on a holiday; whereas put the same man in the colours that belong to him, and every one will speak of his personality and his charm. In their houses or business offices the same rule will again apply. Such people look ‘at ease’ and ‘ at home’ when surrounded by oak panels and dark wood work, and equally ‘ out of place’ when some unthinking architect gives them a Louis XV background. For the same reason the jewels most fortunate and favorable for such types are all dark stones, such as dull rubies, carbuncles and, best of all the deep-toned sapphire, which is most markedly the jewel of the number 8.

Colours of The Number 9:

The persons who have this number for their Birth Number are all those who are born on the 9, 18, or 27th of any month, but this number and its colour are of still more significance if people are born in what is called the “House of the 9”, their main colours are all shades of crimson or red, and their accessory colours are rose and pink, but they are more fortunate when they avoid the darker shades of these colours. All shades of blur are, however, very favorable for them. They should wear red stones, such as rubies, garnets, and bloodstones.


If people will follow even in some degree the rules I have given about numbers and colours, they will very quickly be astonished by the good results they will notice in their daily lives. There is no guesswork or mere theory about the rules I have laid down. They have been, in the first place, taken from ancient writings of the highest authority, all the dross or super fluities weeded out of them, and experimented on by myself in thousands upon thousands of cases before I have allowed them to pass.

The law of the “vibrations of things” is as great as the law of gravitation. It has, however, a wider and higher scope, for it concerns our thoughts as well as our actions. Professor Proctor, in his great work on astronomy, has laid down the rule that not the slightest vibration in the smallest atom in the farthest planet of our solar system but is intimately felt and associated with our human life of this planet, and although many of these vibrations may be beyond our limited observation, as colours beyond the ultra-red and the ultra-violet are beyond our range of vision, yet that is no proof that they are not equally as powerful as those we can more readily examine.

It is well-known fact that there are tones and vibrations in music that are beyond our range of hearing, yet there are other animals that as readily perceive these sounds as we do those that come within our scope. We receive light and heat only by a certain tension of vibration, and scientists have declared that even life is only a question of vibration – that when if falls below a certain point it ceases to exist.

By following out the simple rules set forth in this article one comes into harmony with Nature, there is less friction, as it were in the vibrations of the human machine, and so one will be able to accomplish more and so become more successful. Success and happiness are, after all, the principal pivots on which so much depends, both for ourselves and for those with whom we are brought into contact in our short journey from the cradle to the grave.