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Jupiter Transit 2012 - 2013 or Guru Peyarchi 2012 - 2013

From  17th May 2012  to   31th May 2013

On 17th May, 2012 it enters Taurus (Reshba Rashi)

Jupiter starts under retrograde mode from  6th October, 2012 

He started in direct motion in Tarus from 29th  January 2013 onwards.

Till 31st May – 2013 he will stayed in Tarus .


Guru moves into vrishabha on 17.05.2012.  Guru is favorable when he transits in 2nd, 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th from Chandra rasi and this will go under the name, guru bala. That is to say, guru is excellent for Mesha, Makara, Viruchika, Kanya and Karkadaka rashis.  During retrogression, there will not be any good results, but it would not cause adverse results. The same can not be said about combustion. The results will be either bad or worst. Murti nirnaya method of deriving transit results did not result in consistent and reliable results, in my humble experience and hence this is not considered here. Combust guru stops whatever benefits he was awarding for Mesha, Makara, Viruchika, Kanya and Karkadaka rashis and would cause adverse results  for other rashis.

Jupiter stays in one sign for about a year. Jupiter is a heavy planet and while the transits of Mercury, Venus or the Sun, being about a month in each sign, are flecting Jupiter’s stays for a long period in each sign and this entitled him to greater importance and weightage.  When Jupiter during his transit aspects any planet, he excites the good influences of that planet which he aspects from his transiting position. For example suppose the natives’ ascendant is Scorpio and the Sun is the lord of the tenth house in Pisces.  Then when Jupiter transits Cancer or Scorpio, he will be fully aspecting the radical Sun; or when Jupiter actually transits Pisces he will pass over the radical Sun and excite the solar influences and the native would benefit in respect of all matters governed by the Sun., i.e. the tenth house affairs, because the Sun in our example is the lord of the tenth house and all matters for which the Sun is a Karaka.  So judge Jupiter’s transit in relation to other planets also.

The effects of Jupiter’s transit through the various house as counted for the Janma – Rashi will be as follows:-

  1. Fear of unfavorable circumstances.  In western astrology Jupiter by transit over the radical Moon is considered good.  Not so in Hindu astrology;
  2. Gain of money and commodities
  3. Fear, sickness
  4. Loss of money, fear;
  5. Gain, happiness;
  6. Sickness, distress
  7. Respect, happiness;
  8. Adversity, troubles, both physical and mental;
  9. Happiness, enhanced prestige, respect from others;
  10. Humility, i.e. loss of respect;
  11. Happiness, gain of money
  12. Sickness, fear.

Thus, Jupiter gives good result in 2, 5, 7, 9 and 11 houses form natal moon.

Jupiter is the greatest benefic in the astrological hierarchy ( 1300 earths can be fit into Jupiter ) & his transit is indeed very important to the astrological fraternity. As he is the planet of Wealth, his transits can make or break you. He also represents children and happiness from progeny also depends on his favorable or unfavorable stance

Jupiter Transit for India:

In the Independence chart of Republic, the transit happens in the 11th house. This can not be said as a good transit. There will be many activities but the profit or success ratio is very less. Country's prestige in world scenario will improve considerably. Life span of citizens will improve. Aged, infirm and children are well looked after. People are more considerate towards cows, cattle and other animals. Mentally challenged are looked after well. There will be good respect for academicians, teachers, gurus and elderly people. Suddenly the country will wake up to find its cultural identity. Long term investments will do well and the government will take long term policies in the field of education, administration and health care. Government is stable, is busy doing something but the benefits do not reach the common man! There will not be any important bills enacted nor any major change in foreign policy.

Remedial  measures  for  all  Rasis:

• Wear a five face Rudraksha

• Wear a yellow sapphire duly studded in a golden ring and wear the same on your Index  finger, after verification of your birth chart by Good Vedic astrologer.

• Recite the mantra ‘OM BRHUM BRUHASPATIYE NAMAHA’ regularly

• Donate yellow grams, yellow color dress to a temple priest or a Brahmin

• it Shiva temple on Monday and Saturday without fail.

• Recite “Om Namaha Shivaya” everday 108 times without fail.


ARIES  - Mesha Rashi

Jupiter entering Taurus places Jupiter in your money, values, and possessions sector. From May 2012 to May 2013, you are likely to see and enjoy benefits to your earning power and value system. Jupiter in this sector of your chart could very well bring a profitable and productive year. You are likely to feel more confident and enthusiastic about your ability to earn a living, and this can help you to attract more income, as long as you are realistic. You might decide to develop your talents during this Jupiter cycle, which in turn boosts your earning power. Your income might increase, and there may be an opportunity to improve your future financial situation. However, you may also be just as inclined to splurge on yourself, opting to plump up your nest or your store of personal possessions in order to feel more secure. Money problems from the past may clear up during this period if you use it appropriately, developing budgets and working out ways to better manage your resources.

You may be adding to your possessions, the recipient of some large item or gift, or a major purchase or sale might occur now. A significant gift or bonus may come your way. This is a good time to work with financial institutions, go for a raise, or apply for a loan. You may need to curb an inclination to overspend--feeling good could bring you to the stores as you temporarily forget about the future! The positive circumstances listed here won't necessarily fall into your lap, and are unlikely to come all at once. You need to keep your eyes open for opportunities in these areas of life. Because Jupiter rules your ninth house, you might have opportunities to increase your income through education, travel, or by expanding your reach/audience in business during this period.

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Taurus - Vrishabha Rashi

Jupiter entering Taurus is particularly beneficial and significant for you, as Jupiter is now on your Sun in your solar first house or in your first house if you have a Taurus Ascendant. From May 2012 to May 2013, this transit brings improvements to your immediate environment and self-confidence as well as increased generosity to your personality. Your personality is more obviously expansive, exuberant, and enthusiastic. This transit heightens your optimism and generosity, and the entire cycle has the potential for being a relaxed, fortunate, and hopeful time in your life. You are greeting life with a fresh, can-do attitude. What happened in the past is not very important to you now--it's the future you're eyeing now. Events occur that help you to overcome problems that previously seemed challenging or even insurmountable--you have an altogether different perspective on life now, and are not inclined much to sweat the small stuff. You create a distinct first impression on others, and your likeability increases. Furthering your personal ambitions and interests comes more easily during this cycle. At times, you may feel like the sky is the limit! You might need to guard against becoming too full of yourself or overly self-interested, however.

There is also a risk of overindulgence and other forms of excessive behavior. Jupiter can bring endings into your life in order for you to grow, although these are generally easy ones. A carefree attitude is different than a careless one, and the fine line between the two is definitely something to consider. You feel considerably freer to be yourself, and others tend to accept you more readily. These positive circumstances won't necessarily fall into your lap, and are unlikely to come all at once, although they are more likely due to Jupiter's direct influence on your life. You need to keep your eyes open for opportunities in these areas of life, and always watch for carelessness and excessive behavior. Because Jupiter rules your solar eighth house, a lifestyle change that involves kicking a bad habit could be part of the picture now. You might find more opportunities for intimate expression. You could land some solid support from others that offers you the freedom to explore your inner talents. However, because financial and emotional support tend to be easily available to you during this period, you need to be wary of getting yourself in over your head with debt or other negative consequences of leaning too much on others for support.

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Gemini - Mithuna Rashi

Jupiter entering Taurus, the sign just before yours, places the lucky planet in your twelfth house. From May 2012 to May 2013, Jupiter transits your twelfth house, benefiting activities that take place "behind the scenes" or otherwise privately, as well as in the soul. This is a cycle in which you become more compassionate, empathetic, and sensitive, or get in deeper touch with these traits. Jupiter in the twelfth house is said to offer us spiritual protection. This is a time when you can rid yourself of self-destructive tendencies, deep-seated fears, and deeply-ingrained tendencies towards guilty feelings. You are more able to get in touch with your subconscious mind, and in fact, confronting your fears can be quite pleasurable during this period. Charity, giving/donating anonymously, volunteering, and helping others without expectation of reward will be most fulfilling during this cycle.

Helping others actually helps you. Work that involves serving others may begin now and bring you much joy. Your dreaming world may be especially rich, lighter, helpful, and more intuitive. Meditation and retreats may be particularly helpful to you now, as they regenerate and invigorate your spirit. Much pleasure and growth might be found in solitude and contemplation. You may begin New Age studies, spirituality, dream interpretation, or research during this cycle. Some people enter into a private romance during this cycle. You might be growing a skill or an attitude in a "behind the scenes" manner - with people who don't know your true identity or privately. In general, help seems to be there when you need it. You are rebuilding your inner faith now. These positive circumstances won't necessarily fall into your lap, and are unlikely to come all at once. You need to keep your eyes open for opportunities in these areas of life. Because Jupiter rules your partnership sector, you could find it easier than usual to enter into a close partnership, perhaps of a private nature, or an existing partnership might require more giving (sacrifice) of yourself and your time.

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Cancer - Karkadaka Rashi

Jupiter entering Taurus on May 17th is beneficial for you, as Jupiter is now forming a creative sextile to your Sign and entering your solar eleventh house. From May 2012 to May 2013, this transit brings benefits and fresh energy to networking activities, the formulation of broad, long-term goals, acquaintances, clubs, and organizations in your life. You can rely on your friends for their help and support, and your circle of friends could most certainly increase during this fruitful transit. Your long-term goals and wishes tend to be broad and perhaps unusual or ahead of the times just now. You may particularly enjoy dreaming up ideas for the future. Achieving your goals tends to come more easily. Others especially value your advice and often turn to you for help. You could become more active with friends or in your community. You may have opportunities to join or lead clubs or groups. Group activities and associations could be avenues for fulfilling your own goals.

You may take special joy in sharing a common cause or ideals with others. You are especially hopeful and more inclined to believe that if you wish it, it will be! Income from your business or career is likely to increase. At the very least, you are likely to be filled with new ideas. You might find yourself more tolerant of others in general, and of differences in values. Reaching out beyond your personal circle can certainly open doors to you and bring joy into your life during this cycle. These positive circumstances won't necessarily fall into your lap, and are unlikely to come all at once. You need to keep your eyes open for opportunities in these areas of life. Also, Jupiter can bring too much of a good thing at times, and you might find that your social agenda is crammed or that you have taken on more friends or goals than you can reasonably handle. Jupiter rules your work and health sector, and this might point to work with or through friends.

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Leo - Simha Rashi

Jupiter entering Taurus on May 17th places Jupiter in your solar tenth house. From May 2012 to May 2013, this transit brings Jupiter to the top of your solar or natal chart. Increased public recognition and professional success are very possible now. This can be a time of achievement, career advancement, and success in business. Business-related travel or the reaching of a wider audience is possible during this cycle. Your worldly or public status may change for the better. There could be a promotion, new job opportunities, a diploma, an important award, or a marriage. You may come into the limelight. Authority figures or other influential people tend to look upon you favorably, see more potential in you, and readily help you along, so work it! Something might happen now, or circumstances are such, that your career (or professional interests in general) expands, and you find more joy and pleasure from your work. You could enjoy more freedom, or possibly even responsibilities, in your career--however your career changes, it's likely to have you feeling enthusiastic. Integrity, directness, and honesty will get you everywhere now.

The more willing you are to put yourself in the limelight, the more positive the rewards--this is not the time to be a shrinking violet! These positive circumstances won't necessarily fall into your lap, and are unlikely to come all at once. You need to keep your eyes open for opportunities in these areas of life. Because Jupiter rules your creative fifth house, you might have opportunities to bring creative work to the public eye or to your job. Sports, artistic pursuits, or children, all ruled by the fifth house, might figure strongly in your career. Creative works might be published or successfully promoted.

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Virgo - Kanya Rashi

Jupiter entering Taurus on May 17th is particularly beneficial for you, as Jupiter is now in trine to your Sign and in your solar ninth house. From May 2012 to May 2013, you may have opportunities to travel, study, go abroad, expand your horizons, and meet people who are of diverse backgrounds. You might become more intellectually curious now, and academic pursuits are likely to benefit you and run smoothly during this cycle. Business dealings, particularly long-distance ones and those involving publicity and promotion, are likely to be profitable now. Legal matters might also work in your favor, or long-standing legal problems might now be ironed out. Some of you will be seeking legal advice and find it especially helpful now. A more faithful attitude towards life in general is likely now--you tend to feel that everything will work out in the end. Authors might get published, receive good reviews, or they could significantly expand their audience.

Travel is quite possible now, whether it's business or personal. Educational and travel opportunities expand your horizons. Teaching and learning are favored during this Jupiter in Taurus cycle. Writing and studying flow more naturally. This is also an excellent period for positive dealings with in-laws! Your mind is more expansive and tolerant, and you are under less stress than usual. You are less inclined to sweat the small stuff. These positive circumstances won't necessarily fall into your lap, and are unlikely to come all at once. You need to keep your eyes open for opportunities in these areas of life. Watch for a tendency towards a "holier than thou" attitude. Some of you might be moving to a place/culture far removed from what you're accustomed to.

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Libra - Tula Rashi

Jupiter entering Taurus on May 17th places this Great Benefic in your intimacy sector. From May 2012 to May 2013, you may see benefits in any of the areas ruled by the eighth house--joint finances, shared resources, loans, taxes, sexuality, intimacy, healing, personal transformation, research, investigation, and psychological matters. This is a time of increased psychological understanding, intimacy, and perhaps accumulation of wealth if you manage your resources well. This is an excellent time to work on financial planning and strategy. You are more capable of helping friends and loved ones who are dealing with a crisis--you can be leaned upon. Your ability to understand and accept anything that is deep in meaning or significant is enhanced now, and you instinctively realize that the path to healing is to face your fears. Any type of in-depth study or research is likely to go well. In some cases, a significant tax refund, inheritance, inheritance, or other such benefit might arrive during this transit.

Financial gains may come through a partnership or there may be an increase in a spouse's income. Sexual opportunities are likely to abound, or your focus on one partner becomes more expansive, warm, and intimate. This could be a time of purging yourself of literal or psychic "junk", as there is a sense that uncluttering your life will be beneficial to your emotional well-being. Benefit can come through jointly held resources, loans, or taxes. These positive circumstances won't necessarily fall into your lap, and are unlikely to come all at once. You need to keep your eyes open for opportunities in these areas of life.

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Scorpio - Vrischika Rashi

Jupiter entering Taurus on May 17th strongly affects you, as Jupiter is now in opposition to your Sign and occupying your solar seventh house, your partnership sector. From May 2012 to May 2013, you may enjoy benefits through marriage, serious partnerships, common-law partnerships, business partnerships, negotiations, and/or contractual agreements. This is a year in which you are more likely to establish, or solidify, a significant partnership; or you could be enhancing an existing relationship. You can negotiate more successfully than usual, and, if applicable, you are that much more likely to win in legal matters or other forms of official negotiations. Financial benefits could possibly come through partnerships. For most of you who are already partnered, you are likely to find more joy in close relationships due to a more easygoing and tolerant attitude towards others and partnering in general. Legal matters or challenging relationship problems from the past might more easily be resolved now, and even more casual disputes are likely to be settled during this cycle. The need for freedom in your social relationships is strong, however, and if it is not forthcoming, you could feel caged in and restless. You may find yourself taking on the role of consultant or advisor, or you could benefit from help from same. Good publicity may come your way.

If your work involves the public, you can safely expect increased popularity now, or you might receive good reviews, feedback, or word-of-mouth opportunities. Relationships and partnerships benefit from expansive, warm energy, or successful new ones are entered into this year. These positive circumstances won't necessarily fall into your lap, and are unlikely to come all at once. You need to keep your eyes open for opportunities in these areas of life. Also, although Jupiter is generally considered a positive and happy energy, close relationships could end during this cycle, but if they do, it's generally in order to move on to a happier, healthier, more tolerant relationship. For partnered Scorpios, however, be especially aware that the grass might be looking greener somewhere else just for the time being, and leaving one relationship that might be encountering troubles for another that looks rosier might not truly be an improvement. In other words, consider that things might look brighter than they truly are or will be. A warm, open, and honest approach to others wins you positive new relationships, or enhances existing ones. Because Jupiter rules your solar second house, there might be an increase in a partner's income for some of you, or there could be financial opportunities through legal matters, work with the public or on a one-to-one level (example, counselling), or through partnership.

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Sagittarius - Dhannus Rashi

Jupiter entering Taurus on May 17th places Jupiter in your work and health sector. From May 2012 to May 2013, you are likely to see benefits in the areas of work and health, as well as daily routines. This transit enhances your ability to handle the details required to do a good job, and others become more aware of your skills. Benefits may come through work itself, co-workers, or employees during this cycle. Any type of service that you may provide is likely to go well now, mainly because you are finding more joy in being of service. You are more successful in hiring good workers, if applicable, and improvements to your working environment are likely. You find more enjoyment in the work you do, and it is easier than usual to find employment now. You may get a new job during this cycle. Work tends to be very available to you--perhaps even too available in that you don't know which one to choose. The best way to handle this transit is to take pride in and recognize your usefulness--this is bound to give you a great deal of joy, and you are likely to be rewarded as a result. As well, the more integrity, directness, and honesty you bring to your services and work, the more "payback" you will receive. Health is likely to prosper this year, and medical procedures or programs, if necessary, are more apt to be successful.

There may be an inclination to put on some weight, however, if you don't watch your appetite and/or choice of food. Some people get a new pet during this cycle, and this brings them much joy. These positive circumstances won't necessarily fall into your lap, and are unlikely to come all at once. You need to keep your eyes open for opportunities in these areas of life. Sometimes Jupiter brings too much of something, and this could mean taking on more work than you can handle, getting lost in the details and organization necessary to keep your daily life running smoothly, and so forth. You might be working extra hard during this cycle, perhaps taking on more than one job. You might be especially interested in the healing arts during this cycle, particularly those revolving around self-image. With the ruler of your sign and first house occupying your solar sixth house now, you might identify strongly with your the work you do or the services you provide during this period.

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Capricorn - Makara Rashi

Jupiter entering Taurus on May 17th is particularly beneficial for you, as Jupiter is now in trine to your Sign and in your creative fifth house. From May 2012 to May 2013, your fair share of fun, romance, and good times are in store. Your willingness to enjoy yourself and explore your creativity now brings new opportunities, or you might find that new avenues open up to you for exploring new ways of having fun. For example, you might meet a new friend who spurs you to go out more, or you could be inspired by someone else's creative projects and begin a new and rewarding hobby. Creative projects are likely to fare well during this cycle, and could possibly even bring some type of recognition or reward. Love and romance may come into your life or an existing romance is enhanced with good humor and warmth. You might find that possibilities for casual love relationships open up to you now, and some of you could be overwhelmed with choices! Social engagements abound. For singles, meeting a special person is highly likely, although it's more likely to be a casual relationship. Investments in stocks and other speculative matters could earn profits.

Healthy, wise risks are likely to pay off, but be careful of overconfidence in speculative investments. Relationships with your children may be especially fulfilling now. Pregnancy or childbirth may occur during this period, if applicable. This is a fabulous period in which to take a vacation you've always wanted to take, to try out a new hobby or creative project/approach, to explore new ways of having fun, to enjoy the single life, and so forth. Those with artistic or athletic talent can be especially successful and prosperous at this time. Your creativity and social life are stimulated this year, and plenty of opportunities to express yourself uniquely and creatively will present themselves. You may find great joy and reward in your creative projects and hobbies. Pleasure-seeking activities, recreation, and amusement are increased. You are far less inhibited when it comes to expressing yourself creatively, and you are a lot more fun to be around! These positive circumstances won't necessarily fall into your lap, and are unlikely to come all at once. You need to keep your eyes open for opportunities in these areas of life. Sometimes Jupiter brings too much of a good thing, and it's always wise to adopt a carefree (not careless) attitude. With the ruler of your privacy sector now in the fifth house, you might share more of your inner world with others through creative pursuits.

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Aquarius - Kumbha Rashi

Jupiter entering Taurus on May 17th places Jupiter in your home and family sector. From May 2012 to May 2013, you are likely to see benefits to home, family, property, and domestic comfort matters. Much joy and pleasure can be found in your family connections and experiences and/or your home life during this cycle. An increased sense of security and safety may be derived from your domestic life. Improvements to your home life, family, and basic psychological foundation are in focus. You might find that inner and personal experiences are more important to you during this cycle than more worldly ones. Opportunities to buy or sell real estate for financial gain may present themselves. Home improvements and renovations are favored, as is moving to a new dwelling (more spacious or larger homes are likely now). Some of you may buy or sell a house, and others may welcome a new addition to the family. You may move to a larger or more comfortable home; or you might enhance your existing home in such a way that makes you feel happier, perhaps by de-cluttering your space. Long-standing family problems may be ironed out. Relationships with parents and other family members go well. You may find enjoyment in getting in touch with your roots or family traditions.

There could be a family reunion, vacation, or other happy events that reconnect you to your roots. Your parents may help you financially or an inheritance is possible for some of you. You take more pleasure in nurturing others. A stronger sense of psychological well-being may come now, as you take less interest in more worldly ambitions and activities. These positive circumstances won't necessarily fall into your lap, and are unlikely to come all at once. You need to keep your eyes open for opportunities in these areas of life. This can be a good time for clearing up guilt and resentment that you may be carrying from childhood conditioning. With the ruler of your solar eleventh house now moving through your solar fourth house, you may be entertaining from home more often or friends and groups might be more frequently coming to your home.

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Pisces - Meena Rashi

Jupiter is now in a creative sextile to your Sign and in your third house. From May 2012 to May 2013, educational and communication opportunities present themselves. You may increase your knowledge and skills set, and find much enjoyment in so doing. During this long-term trend, neighbors or relatives could be especially helpful in your life. You express your ideas with more enthusiasm and positivity, and they are received well. You are able to comprehend more complicated subjects and problems, and you are able to explain them in such a way that others can readily understand; thus, teaching, authoring, or otherwise delivering information may be prosperous now. Higher level studies, courses, and perhaps some travel opportunities might arise during this cycle. Many of you will benefit from taking courses if you aren't already doing so, and those already involved in studies will benefit more than usual during this period.

You may decide to buy a new car, or transportation opportunities present themselves, making it much easier for you to get from point A to point B. Gifts, benefits, or other opportunities may come through visits, short trips, messages, emails, or they could come through contacts with siblings, classmates, and neighbors. Some sort of positive news or announcement is likely to be part of the picture. If you're an author, teacher, or other position in communications, you will find more opportunities to advance your trade as your creative juices flow nicely. If you're a student, school is especially favored. If you're in business, you are likely to find sales are especially strong. In general, you find much joy in communicating, learning, and socializing. These positive circumstances won't necessarily fall into your lap, and are unlikely to come all at once. You need to keep your eyes open for opportunities in these areas of life. With the ruler of your solar tenth house now moving through your solar third house, your work might involve more short trips or commuting, or you might work more heavily in the communications industry.

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